Welcome to our clinic 


Karugamo Fujisawa Clinic is a pediatric clinic in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Besides the pediatrics practice, consultation of the child care and breastfeeding is also available.

1. Appointments

Our clinic is by appointment only.
If you are visiting for the first time, we kindly ask you to make an appointment before coming to the clinic. Appointments are required for each member of your family including brothers and sisters. For appointment, please click the button below;
★Appointments for BCG vaccines are available until 11:30am for the morning hours and 4:30pm for the afternoon hours.
★For Rotavirus vaccines and MR vaccines at patients expense, please make an appointment by phone.
★For other classes and events i.e. consultation room for food and dislikes, nursing, OHISAMA consultation room, the appointments are by phone only.

2. Vaccination (for cities of Fujisawa, Chigasaki, and Yamato)

Appointment for vaccination and checkups are available at all clinic’s open hours including Saturdays. The waiting room is separated at any time of the day from that of the patients with symptoms i.e. cold, fevers, etc. Vaccines are available based on the regular vaccination schedule provided by the cities of Fujisawa, Chigasaki, and Yamato, (if you are from outside of Fujisawa city, please make an appointment by phone instead of using the online system).

2-1. Vaccination Schedule

Vaccination schedule starts from the age 2 months.
For a recommended Japanese vaccination schedule, please refer to VPD HP.

Please feel free to consult us for your child’s vaccination schedule.

2-2. Things to bring for vaccination

□   Maternal and Child Health Handbook “BOSHITECHO” (please make sure to bring it to prevent the false vaccination)
□   A child’s Pediatric Medical Certificate (if you have one)
□   A child’s Health Insurance Card (if you have one)
□   Our clinic card (if you have one)
□   Vaccination fee

2-3. Regular vaccination & Requested Vaccines

Regular vaccination recommended by the Japanese government (Public expense)
Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine 13
Haemophilus influenza b (Hib)
Hepatitis B
DPT-IPV (diptheria-pertussis-tetanus-inactivated polio)
DT (diptheria-tetanus)
BCG (For Yamato city residents, BCG vaccine is only available at clinics within the city)
MR (Measles-rubella)
Inactivated polio
HPV 4-valent (Gardasil) *1
Requested Vaccines at Patient’s Expense
Rotavirus vaccines (Rotarix)*2 000/dose total 2 doses
Hepatitis B vaccines 00/dose total 3 doses
Mumps vaccines 00/dose total 2 doses
*1 There are 2 types of HPV, HPV 4-valent (Gardasil) and HPV 2-valent (Cervarix). Our clinic uses HPV 4-valent (Gardasil). Please note that the vaccines require 2 doses with the same type to be effective.
*2 There are 2 types of Rotavirus vaccine, Rotarix that requires 2 doses, and Rotateq that requires 3 doses. Our clinic uses Rotarix. Please note that the vaccines require 2 doses with the same type to be effective.

Most vaccines on the recommended Japanese schedule can be obtained for free or at a [W1]  fee based on the municipality of residence. Please check with your local ward or municipal office regarding coverage for these vaccines. IF you wish to know the price of the recommended vaccines, please feel free to call us.

3. Public Checkups

Our clinic is a designated medical institution that provides free checkups for Fujisawa city and Chigasaki city residents. It is also possible to receive a medical checkup on the same day as vaccination and nursing consultation.
For Fujisawa city, the checkup schedule is when a child at age 4 months and 9-10 months.
For Chigasaki city, the checkup schedule is when a child is at age 4 months and 10-11 months.

4. Nursing Consultation

Breastfeeding the baby is an important collaborative work for mothers and babies, and the importance of this has been proven little by little by scientific results.
However, nursing itself can be often the cause of anxiety and worries of postpartum mothers. We believe that breastfeeding along with formula can still be continued by carefully determine the additional amount of formula (powdered milk) needed for the baby.
We have a nursing counseling room in our pediatric clinic for mothers to spend enjoyable nursing time with their babies. This service is basically covered by the health insurance, and is utilized by many mothers from not only Fujisawa city but also from neighboring municipalities.

4-1. Breastfeeding Support Based on Scientific Evidence

Pediatric physicians and midwives who are qualified as International Board Certified Lactation Consultant will work together to provide support. They provide you with accurate information (based on scientific evidence), and examine the baby’s health condition along with the mother’s.

4-2. Other inquiries

–        I have been prescribed medicine, but not sure if I should continue breastfeeding
–        Too much breast milk (baby seems to have difficulty drinking, I feel pain)
–        Breastfeeding for babies under premature birth
–        Breastfeeding for babies with Down syndrome
–        Breastfeeding for twins
–        Balance between nursing and baby food
–        Pumping
–        Consultation on returning to work
–        Weaning timing and method

4-3. Fees

For a child until age 8 months, the fee will be covered by insurance. Any age older will be at a patient’s expense (3000yen tax included).
For a mother whose child is age 5 months or younger, the fee will be covered by insurance. If a child is age 6 months or older, the it will be free of charge.
*1 A Mother with breast issues (i.e. Mastitis, nipple wounds) may consult under insurance coverage even after the child is age 6 months.
*2 Followings will be at a patient’s expense regardless of the child’s age:
– Consultation on weaning or a termination of breastfeeding
– Consultation on sleeping with the child, a pumping method, a procedure of giving supplemental food (for the first time).
– Prescription of domperidone for increasing breast milk secretion.